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Unleash Your Netball Potential at North Queensland Netball Academy!

Welcome to North Queensland Netball Academy!

Are you an aspiring netball athlete looking to take your skills and performance to new heights? Look no further! North Queensland Netball Academy is your gateway to unlocking your true potential in the world of netball. Our academy offers exclusive programs and personalized support to help you become the best version of yourself, both on and off the court.

Programs Designed for Your Success

Development Squads for All Skill Levels

No matter where you are on your netball journey, our development squads are open to all comers. Learn and grow with players of similar skill levels as you focus on fundamental skill development, teamwork, and building a strong foundation for your future in netball.

Performance Squads - Excellence Awaits

Ready to take your game to the next level? Our performance squads are designed for talented athletes like you. Entry into these squads is by selection, ensuring that we work with the most promising individuals in the region. Benefit from specialized coaching and holistic support to enhance your overall athletic performance.

Unparalleled Holistic Support

Unleash Your Athletic Potential

Gain access to cutting-edge strength and conditioning programs, carefully crafted to optimize your physical capabilities and prevent injuries. Our sports science services, including performance analysis and fitness assessments, empower you with data-driven insights to track your progress and identify areas for growth.

Champion Your Mindset and Team Culture

We understand that mental resilience is crucial for elite performance. Our sports psychology sessions will equip you with the tools to overcome challenges and foster a positive team culture that drives success.

Fuel Your Success with Nutrition

Learn how to fuel your body for peak performance with personalized nutrition guidance. Proper nutrition is the key to sustaining energy and enhancing recovery, allowing you to bring your A-game to every match.

Lead the Way

At North Queensland Netball Academy, we believe leadership is an essential skill on and off the court. Participate in leadership workshops that will inspire you to be a role model and a true team player.

Join a Legacy of Excellence

Our coaching staff boasts some of the most experienced and accomplished coaches in the region. Led by Founder and Head Coach, Jillian Joyce, and featuring Australian Diamond #105, Sharon Finnan-White OAM, you will receive top-tier mentorship from the very best in the industry.

Complementing Existing Pathways

North Queensland Netball Academy works in harmony with regional netball bodies, such as the Townsville City Netball Association Rep teams and the Netball QLD pathway. Our goal is to strengthen and enrich the existing talent pool, offering higher calibre athletes the platform they deserve to shine on regional, state, and even national stages.

Take the First Step Towards Greatness

Unleash your netball potential with North Queensland Netball Academy. Whether you dream of representing your state or aspire to be a top-tier netball athlete, our academy is your springboard to success.

To apply or inquire about our programs, visit our website [Website URL] or contact us at [Contact Number] or [Email Address]. Let's embark on this extraordinary journey together!

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Elevate Your Netball Skills with Expert Coaches in Energising 2 Hour Clinics. Unlock Your Potential, Develop Technical & Tactical Skills.

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One on One coaching

From $50/session

Experience the benefits of one-on-one sessions with  top coaches. Personalised coaching provides a gateway to uncovering your true potential on the court.

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Open to all comers to learn and grow with players of similar skill levels, building a strong foundation for your future in netball.

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