Do you have what it takes to be an elite athlete?

By Jillian

Are you actually willing to do what it takes and train the way you should in order to become a professional athlete?

We have many athletes tell us they want to make it big, be professional, be the best… but then the sessions are hard, we demand excellence of them, they have to get up early, exercise is tricky and they have to work and focus to do it. They are asked to step out of their comfort zone and they begin to fold. We provide as much guidance, education, and motivation as possible, but ultimately when the excuses start the dream is pushed well into the background.

There are plenty of talented athletes around that don’t ‘make it’ because they don’t actually want to work on their weaknesses and do the hard work to get better.

The best athletes in the world do what others are unwilling to do. They are willing to do what it takes and make the sacrifices to be better athletes than their opposition. Elite athletes like LeBron James, Serena Williams, and Tom Brady (amongst many many more) have stated how much time, effort (and yes money) they invest into their minds and bodies annually. They actively seek out professionals that are going to use quantifiable science and smart planning to make them better. Coaches who care enough to dive into how their minds and bodies tick. People who are courageous enough to identify their weaknesses and make a plan to address them.

There is a reason some athletes are way ahead, and putting it down to natural talent is unfair to them and an excuse for others! They are never satisfied, they work hard, really hard- they hurt, they have setbacks, they struggle… it’s not easy in the gym so it is easy for them in the court.

If you want to be a professional, you start by demanding more of yourself and more than ‘what everyone is doing’. Don’t be satisfied with school or club training, or that casual ad-hoc gym session with your mates. Gain the edge in a data-driven, human-led, individualized environment. PRIDE is that environment. We admit PRIDE is not for everyone, and hard work is not for everyone… but then again being a champion is not for everyone.

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