From Dream to Reality - Our business is evolving and responding to your feedback

By Jillian

in 2018 a dream was born... it was called PRIDE. The dream was to help athletes of all ages achieve optimal performance and to make Townsville a regional centre for sporting excellence. But as we were developing the concept we realised something... THERE IS AN ELITE ATHLETE INSIDE EVERYONE. Sure the goals may be different, and the Olympic podium may be replaced by the podium of life, but at the heart of it a goal oriented, positive mindset supported by professionals is what it is all about. So it's time to unleash that inner athlete!

With floods and pandemics providing challenges, we have stayed true to our goal and feel that our business provides an example of relentless pursuit of our goals while maintaining flexibility and adaptability. This has been recognised by the Townsville Business Communities Dare to Think Big Award and now being named as a finalist in the Sport and Recreation category for the National Small Business Awards. We want you to know, we know, it is not always easy, but together we can get after those goals, even it might take a while.

To help you, April will usher in some exciting changes to our session structures and available services and packages. We are delighted to be offering new services and making some tweaks to our existing ones as well as payment structure and options for some services.

We are dedicated to delivering and maintaining the high level of service you expect of us, and we expect of ourselves, and like we tell our clients it is important to continue to evolve and develop in order to be the best we can be. We have listened to the feedback and noticed the trends of what you like and don’t like and have introduced new services to meet your needs. There will be some changes to pricing reflecting these changes and the high level of service we continue to deliver.

All changes will come into effect as of 1 April 2023. There will be no disruption to existing ongoing bookings, unless you like the look of an alternate service and wish to change, in which case simply reply to this email or give the centre a call. The investment you make into your health, fitness and performance for those utilising automatic payments will change on the 31st March.

We also wanted to ensure, if you are going to be away in the holidays, you inform us in writing of any absences to allow us to put the appropriate holds on your payments. Also, if you are seeking a change of time for any regular bookings in term 2 then could you please advise us in writing with several options for the requested change – if we do not hear from you we will assume your training will continue through the holidays and roll over into next term.

Please note we are closed Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday and ANZAC and May Days. Clients with bookings on these days will automatically have their respective payments altered to reflect missed sessions.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you all of our booking and cancellation policy. I have linked it HERE for your reference – it is important you understand the policy and the respective cancellation implications depending on timeframe of notification.

Now, back to those exciting new offerings


We are pleased to introduce a 5 visit package which will give a whopping 30% discount on the regular appointment cost. This is a great package to help manage your physical preparedness throughout a sporting season, or expediate rehab from an injury.

Performance Coaching

We are pleased to introduce a 5 visit package which will give a whopping 30% discount on the regular appointment cost. This is a great package to help manage your mental preparedness throughout a sporting season or help you with the lifestyle changes to improve and the effectiveness and efficiency of physical programs.

 Exercise Physiology

We are pleased to introduce a 5 visit package which will give a whopping 27% discount on the regular appointment cost. We are also pleased to officially introduce 30min appointments which are suitable for those not quite ready or up to 50min appointments or who are pressed for time but still want to get a session in.

Coached Strength and Conditioning

We are pleased to introduce two new services within this category:

30 Min express sessions – these sessions are for the time pressed and get you an effective workout in just 30mins. They are created to meet your needs and can be structure to incorporate warm up and cool down as part of the time OR be focussed on strength and conditioning leaving the warmup, cool down and stretching to you.

Personal Small Groups – these sessions are structured for 3 or more participants (up to 10) and designed against specific goals and wants of the group.

Mind-Body Sessions

We are officially introducing a new sub-category within our strength and conditioning service offering of Mind-Body. This category will encompass existing yoga, Pilates and stretch classes but also see the introduction of the following services:

One on One Yoga or Pilates sessions will be offered via 30 min express or 50min full sessions. These will be great for those that want a more personalised approach to these disciplines related to time (i.e., can’t make classes), capability or experience (i.e., wanting to get more confidence before joining classes)

One on One stretching and mobility sessions will be offered as 30min express sessions. Theses sessions will be great to complement physiotherapy for those rehabbing from injury who are not always the best at executing their program at home, but also an excellent addition to any strength and conditioning program to exponentially improve performance.

Level 2 Classes

We are pleased to re-introduce 10-Class packs with a 6-month expiry for our level 2 classes. Noting the nature of these classes (Guided Strength, Agelessly Active, and Child-Friendly) we have listened to your feedback and put in place a simpler way to commit to yourselves while keeping flexibility.


We have a series of packages that dramatically reduce the cost of accessing multiple services, but we are super excited to introduce UNLEASHED, a package which allows you to access all our services on a weekly basis for one fixed cost. That's right - Performance Coaching, S & C, Ex Phys, Physio, Gym, Classes, EVERYTHING to unleash the inner elite athlete within (even if your sport is the sport of life and no matter your goal).

We look forward to implementing the changes and helping you become better tomorrow than you are today. As always, if you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us via email at,au

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